Why I Want to Buy Keely Mullen A Copy of Gorilla Mindset

Who knows what she could be capable of with a Gorilla Mindset?
Who knows what she could be capable of with a Gorilla Mindset?

Keely Mullen is a student who attends Northeastern University, she is also one of the organizers of the Million Student March. The idea came to her and other students when hearing presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in an interview with Yahoo’s Katie Couric, “If a million young people march on Washington they say to the Republican leadership, we know what’s going on, and you better vote to deal with student debt. You better vote to make public universities and colleges tuition free, that’s when it will happen.”

What are the Marchers demanding?

The key goals to improve the situation for students are:

  1. The right to a free education,
  2. Elimination of all current student debt,
  3. Better paying jobs on campus ($15 min)

I watched an interview with Keely the other day and perhaps you’ve seen it.

I’m not here to bash on Keely or discuss how she was torn apart as some are saying. When I was in my early twenties I had some of these same conversations but it was my father and not on Fox News. I understand where she’s coming from. I can feel her pain. I was a junior in college when all the banks started to fail. I watched as Banks that were too big to fail were bailed out with $700 billion dollars.

I felt rage and wanted to know where my bailout was going to be when my student loan bills started to come in while looking for work in a job market that had plummeted in the last few years. It was unfair, I thought, I had done what they had wanted. I had done my twenty years of schooling but there was no day shift available, at least the type of job University pamphlets had so often talked about.

I know the fear you are probably feeling as graduation starts approaching. You’re grasping desperately for something to stay afloat. So when Bernie Saunders says that if millions of marchers come down to Washington that they will be heard and they will be given what they demand, it sounds promising. You jump towards it wanting to believe it even if it will destroy you in the end.

Haven’t you learned anything since the crash in 2008 or anything that’s been done in the last six years? Haven’t you learned the awful truth of how society works on a grand scale?

You either live or die and the world doesn’t give a fuck either way.

Keely, you, I and countless other students got conned. We paid for a degree that means nothing. And we’re left screwed to try and pick ourselves up because no one is going to help us.

That’s right only YOU can help yourself.

You are going to have to change your whole mindset on life. You want to place the blame and have someone else pick up the check. It’s our own fault. We can blame our parents, teachers, society for making us believe we’d be better going off to college but it was ultimately our decision. And now as graduation approaches we can see the real world and it doesn’t look anything like we were told it would be.

Channel that rage you feel towards the system that already has you chained up to participate in the slave wage game and put it to good use. You can do anything you want, you influence your reality and you don’t have to be the victim in this. Being the victim is the easy way out but in the end it’s only going to hurt us as a society.

Why would you even want to make college assessable to everyone? This is the same institution that allowed you to pay $40,000 a year for a degree in communications.  This is the same institution who honor the coaches who cheated but banish the student athletes involved after they’ve made their money off of them. Even your school since 2005 has gone up in tuition by $17,000 dollars. Four years of college these days cost almost a quarter of a million dollars.

And I get that this is why you want free tuition and debt forgiveness but it won’t change anything. The amount of money to pay for that in an already bankrupt economy would be a nail in our coffin. They were preying on us and they got us. We were conned and no amount of marching is going to change it.

But you can do something about it Keely. You can unleash the animal inside of you. I really think you should read Mike Cernovich’s Gorilla Mindset before you graduate.

Gorilla Mindset
I believe this book can change your life Keely

Yeah there are all these self help books out there and you must think this is another one of those dumb books. This book isn’t here to make you feel good by reading it. It’s the type of book that must be implemented in action. But if you read this book and follow it perhaps you can change your life like I changed mine.

Let me tell you again, I used to feel just like you, I used to hope 2012 would really mark the end so I wouldn’t have to repay my student loans. I was scared and didn’t know what to do with the loans following me around like some dark shadow. What happened though was I became honest with myself. I became honest when I started to read Danger and Play, Cernovich’s website. I saw that I was just playing victim but willing to do nothing to really push myself to change that.

I practiced what he wrote about and the biggest thing I can tell you is that the way you view even your most brutal challenges will change. You will see them as opportunities for personal growth. You’re thinking will become clearer, sharper, and more focused.

You were trained by our society to think as a victim. It’s what the powers to be want you to feel. That you have no control, that you’re wounded and only the government can save you by forgiving your debt.

In Gorilla Mindset Cernovich goes over money as well. He states, “…we can start thinking intelligently about money by looking at your psychological relationship with money, ways you can earn more money by thinking of yourself as a corporation, and ways to save money on taxes while investing your money intelligently.”

I can tell you feel rage towards the 1% and how much money they have while so many suffer and I did too back in 2008 but hating them is not going to change anything.  Besides being an American citizen studying at a University makes you the 1% to the rest of the world.

That doesn’t make you evil though and the pursuit of money isn’t evil.

Gorilla Mindset
Christmas is almost here, why not start spreading the cheer?

Andrew Carnegie, who in the 1900s would’ve been the one percent, is one of the greatest patrons to the modern Public Library. He wanted anyone to have the chance to better themselves if that’s what they truly wanted. And instead of joining the mobs who want to criticize you or make fun of you, I want to help YOU.

I know what it’s like to be a broke college kid and even though I don’t even make, as a college graduate, the $15 an hour you want to provide to students with campus jobs, I still want to buy you a copy of Gorilla Mindset because I think it could truly help you. So please get in contact with me so we can work out the logistics.

PS I know this time for you is pretty stressful and I find music helps so go ahead and check out these two playlist for relaxation, here and here.



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