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This website is in the early beginnings of it’s development. There is not one purpose of this site yet. It’s here for me to own my name on the internet. This is place where I can create and share for now. As time goes on the focus will shift but for now it’s an assortment of information on music, dating, the artist path, and fiction.

To use this website I suggest you download Spotify. You don’t have to but you’ll be missing out on great playlists and songs that go along with articles.

Spotify & Music

Why I use Spotify
How I Create My Playlists
How Spotify Saved Me
Tomorrow Is A Long Time

Some Cool Playlists For You

Rocking Out
Studying or Writing


How To Deal With Shit
The Power of Knowledge
Losing Weight
Become Who You Are
What Happens To An Artist After College

Relationships & Dating

How To Get Over Your Ex
How To Win Your Ex Back
Tinder Blues
Tinder Robots


Warm Weather
The Lonely Loco Gringo
When Your Kicks Run Out
We Will See You Tomorrow Night
The Wedding