How to Get Over Your Ex-Girlfriend

You sit there torturing your mind with the same scene over and over. Maybe it’s that night she came over and said I’m not in love with you anymore or maybe it’s a memory of some hot steamy sex you guys had. You need to knock it off right now though. How can you? How do you get over your ex? Getting over an ex can be rough especially if the break up was sudden and out of nowhere. You sit there pissed off at the world, confused how one day she could say I love you and the next say that she wasn’t in love with you anymore.

You know she’s not coming back but how do you get her out of your mind when everything you see reminds you of her. It’s hard but you can do it. Here are some things that have always helped me.

Go to the gym

There is nothing like the rage of a man after a break up. You feel sick, depressed, hurt even. There’s nothing like taking that aggression out on in the gym. You sit there pushing your body to the max because you want the pain, anything to get your mind off of her and to feel something else than the pain she has brought you. Working out is proven to boost your confidence and there’s nothing more important after a break up than regaining your confidence. Even if you’ve never worked out just get in the gym. Don’t be scared what others think of you. If they’re paying attention to you and not their workout then they’re the loser, not you.

Get off Social Media

I cannot stress enough that you need to get off social media. Of course it’s tempting to look at pictures of her but this is only going to make it worse. Don’t stalk her seeing what she’s up to because it will only enrage you to see her going about her normal life while you’re sitting in sweat pants feeling miserable.  I noticed I never felt any positive emotion after scrolling through Facebook. I’d be enraged by happy couples, people and their stupid thoughts, the fucking ads and everything else. What did I do? I got off Facebook because it didn’t bring anything positive in my life.

Stay Away From All Vices

Alcohol, drugs, porn, all of that shit needs to go for awhile. You need to think with a clear mind, alcohol is just a depressant and if you are already depressed you’re not going to have a good time. You should stay away from porn in the first place but if you don’t, stay away from it for a while. Anything related to sex is just going to make you think of that sloppy 3 am blow job she gave you last New Year’s Eve when she sucked your dick like the world might end that night. After a break up any of those vices become an escape for you but you don’t need an escape right now. You have to face the pain you feel and feel it at its rawest emotions. Deal with your demons head on and you’ll be a better man. I’m not saying you need to do this for a year but at minimum at least a few weeks.  You alone will know how much time you need.

Write a Journal

You’re heartbroken, you can’t get her off your mind and you just have this urge to talk about it. Your friends are great people to talk to but you’ll end up being a broken record. Eventually they just want you to go back to being the old you. It’s hard to not want to talk about it though. It’s the only thing on your mind. That’s why I recommend you start journaling. Get all your rage, sadness and bitterness out in words. Seeing your thoughts actually help you think better. In fact one day you can look back and cringe at how pathetic you were then. If you do cringe, good. Your journal will stand as written proof that you will get better.

Stay Busy

The less free time you have the less time you have to let your mind wander into the dark corners that she haunts. If you sit pent up in your room doing nothing you are only going to think of her. How do you stay busy?

Become obsessed with something

It doesn’t matter what it is but become obsessed with it. Let it take your mind over so there’s no room for her to wander into your thoughts. Learn how to play guitar, how to do woodworking, cooking or anything. Find something that will take over your thoughts. There is something out there for everyone so there are no excuses.

It’s never easy to get over an Ex but you are a man. You will do whatever it is to get your life back on track. You have the power to make this fight as easy or as hard as you want.   As in life though, it’s your decision and your decision only.  .


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