The St. Louis Tinder Blues (The Window)

The most common St. Louis question: Where did you go to high school? Who gives a fuck? But that was the culture here...

She unmatched you already, that was quick. In an hour you were supposed to be meeting for drinks but I guess that’s not happening anymore. The fucking window. Twenty four hours or less but it seemed the opening had gotten smaller. … [Read more...]

Tinder Bots


  Shigeto – Perfect Crime In the beginning it was so obvious. Fucking Tinder Bots, you'd mumble looking at their profile. They had only two photos of them in lingerie and their bio would say I just want to meet a boy to fuck or perhaps the more subtle route of I’m looking for someone to play with. This wasn’t a real girl, I mean you know in real life women are the … [Read more...]