How to Never Fail (And Other Things Writing Smut Taught Me)

Creating the goal is just the first step...

So you’ve set a goal up for yourself. You’ve come out with a well thought out plan that should help you achieve your desired outcome. The way it looks all you have to do is put action into your plan and you’ll be on your way to achieving your goal. Yet you still fail to reach your goal. Time to pack up and call it quits then… WRONG. Failing can be one of your finest teachers … [Read more...]

Do I Need A Mentor?

Do I need A Mentor

Do I Need A Mentor? It’s a question not enough men are asking themselves these days. A problem we all face, even you and I, is that sometimes we think we know everything and we don’t have to listen to others. Other times we are too scared to ask for help, as if we’ll be looked down upon for not knowing what we want to know. … [Read more...]

Is Art Worth Starving For?

Confessions Of An Artist

2011 Ascending the stairs of the North Hollywood metro station I step out into the cool night. A steady breeze sways the palm trees back and forth as I notice no one else is around the station. Even if there was a crowd it wouldn’t cure me of the loneliness I feel right now. Looking down to my phone I see it’s past midnight.  If only I hadn’t lost my iTouch, with its wifi … [Read more...]

What Happens To an Artist after College?

What Happens To An Artist After College?

What Happens To an Artist After College This post is based on my struggle and others I have known of accepting the calling to be an artist in the real world after college. This doesn’t apply to the whole field but only to what I have seen happens to the people who call themselves artists.    What happens to an artist after college? Cue in the standard replies from … [Read more...]