Ditch Your Old Map & Start Living The Life You Want

The map is not the territory

You’ve noticed things are just not right. You may have had a sinking suspicion for years now or perhaps something more recent has set you off. You can’t quite explain it and you’re fearful to say it out loud to anyone else. For when you look around it seems that everyone else is going about with a “business as usual attitude.” … [Read more...]

Should You Still Be Learning?

William Ivan

I am still learning Michelangelo, an Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet and engineer had these words to say at the age of 87. Are you still learning? Do you think your twenty years of schooling was all you needed to get by? I don’t and you shouldn’t either. Yet most people choose to stop educating themselves after their schooling. When engaging in conversations … [Read more...]

It Happened, Shit Happens, And What Do You Do When You Step Into It?


Let’s talk about something boys and girls. Life, let’s talk about life. Sometimes life just gets in the way of the things you want to do. Where have I been? I haven’t gone this long without a post before. Life has gotten in the way of publishing you could say. Last Monday I had a great writing session, I refused to leave the house to enjoy a sunny day playing some hockey until … [Read more...]

Tinder Bots


  Shigeto – Perfect Crime In the beginning it was so obvious. Fucking Tinder Bots, you'd mumble looking at their profile. They had only two photos of them in lingerie and their bio would say I just want to meet a boy to fuck or perhaps the more subtle route of I’m looking for someone to play with. This wasn’t a real girl, I mean you know in real life women are the … [Read more...]

Become Who You Are

Image Stolen From psychologicalscience.org

  You live in a society that George Orwell used to write about as a fictional tale. You have been filled with propaganda that you don’t know up from down. Corporations own the news you watch, pick the presidents you vote for (The Citizens United Act, Talk about some doublespeak right there. )They control such minute details you don’t even notice. … [Read more...]