AD’s Autumn (Relaxing Autumn Playlist)

relaxing autumn playlist

Autumn is upon us and there's nothing I enjoy more than sitting with my windows wide open letting the cool night breeze in. You know me, so you know music is coming out of those speakers. Autumn is a time where things start to slow down and there's nothing better than some good tunes on a cool Autumn night. Everyone needs a relaxing autumn playlist. I'd like to share the … [Read more...]

Sometimes We’re Gangsta (Spotify Playlist)

Spotify Playlist

What!? A new spotify playlist already? Or were you expecting it days ago? I can remember the days of discovering rap I was probably only nine years old hearing Master P, The Notorious B.I.G., 2 Pac and others. But we're not covering those songs so we'll save that story for another time. … [Read more...]

March To The Beat Of Your Own Drum (Playlist)

March To The Beat of Your Own Drum

You've waited patiently and I have heard the request for more playlists on spotify. This past month I tried to overload myself and have been working on three to four playlists. To try and compensate for more music I won't be doing track to track commentary as it's too time consuming if I'm looking to try and drop a playlist once a week.  But enough let's get on with the show. … [Read more...]

The History of A Musical Pirate, Thief, & Borrower (How Spotify Saved Me)

Pirating Music

As you know I have always loved music. The problem was that I never had enough of it. My parents had a pretty decent collection of CDs and at the age of ten I started my own album collection. It was a slow process starting out. My parents never just gave me spending money. Money was always something that had to be earned in their household. Still I made do with what music I … [Read more...]

How I Create My Playlists

Explaining on the front porch how I find my music

Sitting on the front porch in warm sixty degree weather, cold beer in hand, surrounded by friends I fired up the new playlist I was working on. The music felt right, yes, yes indeed, I could feel it in my bones. There’s nothing better than good music and good friends. After a few songs I was asked how I find the music I use for my playlists. It’s a good question and it got me … [Read more...]