Warm Weather

She parked opposite of the convenience store near the vacuum machines. Her car was spotless and she seemed the type of girl who didn’t vacuum her car herself. To go inside she had to walk past all the pumps. The way she walked you could tell this was what she had wanted in the first place. Everyone was staring and when you looked up from putting the gas handle back up you … [Read more...]

One Hundred & Eight Days

What disgusted you most was the woman on your mind as you smacked Virginia's ass. Rachel...

One hundred and eight days? Three months and two and half weeks, was that all it took? You look down to Virginia on all fours as you enter her from behind. You couldn’t cum and you couldn’t believe it was coming down to this. You know why you turned her around. With just her beautiful ass and back towards you, you could imagine you were fucking someone else. … [Read more...]

I Am Not A Monster

Still, you could feel that monstrous side of you come out from time to time. You controlled it but yet still didn’t feel in control....

  It comes out of nowhere. The couch starts to vibrate, the house starts to rumble and picture frames start to fall of the wall. The sound is like swarming bees buzzing growing louder and louder. This is it you think, you are done for. Yet, Johanna ignores it all while she works her shorts and underwear back up her thighs. You pretend not to notice either as you … [Read more...]


Her smile did things to you no woman could ever do again...

  Nina Simone – I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) Women…you’ve been addicted since you could remember. When the rest of the boys still thought girls were icky, you at the tender age of three were yearning for the little blonde girl in your class, Megan. Your mother still jokes about the play dates you two had but you can’t recall them. You do remember though … [Read more...]

Life With Virginia

You proudly showed her off like a child with the shiniest toy on the block…

Johannes Brahms – Symphony No.3 In F, Op.90: 3. Poco allegretto Everywhere she went Virginia turned heads. Men couldn’t help themselves from not staring and women couldn’t help hating her. She was the type of woman people looked at and assumed was a bitch; anyone that beautiful had to be stuck up. All you had to do though was ask her friends and they would tell you about a … [Read more...]