Albums On My Mind

You may remember Leon Bridges from my February playlist. I’ve been keeping my eye on this talented young man and when Spotify released his South by Southwest concert in Austin, Texas I was blown away by his strong performance. It’s no surprise really, this guy has the talent. A slick groovy album that has been blaring through my speakers the last two months.


Twenty one years ago Warren G blew up on the burgeoning Long Beach rap scene with the smash single “Regulate.” Interesting but what’s really interesting is how Warren G got to that point. As a teenager, Warren G and two other friends formed a rap group named after the area code they lived in, 213. Warren’s two friends were cousins who went by the names Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg.

Sadly all three had brushes with the law and spent time in jail. It was then they decided it would be best if they all got jobs and worked on their music on the side. One of the record shops near where they lived allowed them to practice and record in the back of their shop. It was in the back of the shop that Snoop Dogg would lay down a track called, “Super Duper Snooper.”

Warren G then at a party played the tape for his half brother. Oh yeah, did I mention Warren’s half-brother was Dr. Dre. Well Dre invited all three to his studio and wound up collaborating with Snoop on The Chronic which then brought Snoop Dog to the rest of the worlds attention.

Warren G wanted to gain the spotlight away from Dre’s shadow so he started to produce for rappers like 2 Pac. When one of his vocals off the Poetic Justice soundtrack started to get noticed he opted to record his first solo debut, Regulate. The album eventually went triple platinum cementing his status on the West Coast Rap scene.

Twenty years later Warren G has come out with the sequel to Regulate featuring unreleased vocals by Nate Dogg who passed away in 2011 due to complications from multipleĀ strokes.