The History of A Musical Pirate, Thief, & Borrower (How Spotify Saved Me)

Pirating Music

As you know I have always loved music. The problem was that I never had enough of it. My parents had a pretty decent collection of CDs and at the age of ten I started my own album collection. It was a slow process starting out. My parents never just gave me spending money. Money was always something that had to be earned in their household. Still I made do with what music I … [Read more...]

Should You Still Be Learning?

William Ivan

I am still learning Michelangelo, an Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet and engineer had these words to say at the age of 87. Are you still learning? Do you think your twenty years of schooling was all you needed to get by? I don’t and you shouldn’t either. Yet most people choose to stop educating themselves after their schooling. When engaging in conversations … [Read more...]

It Happened, Shit Happens, And What Do You Do When You Step Into It?


Let’s talk about something boys and girls. Life, let’s talk about life. Sometimes life just gets in the way of the things you want to do. Where have I been? I haven’t gone this long without a post before. Life has gotten in the way of publishing you could say. Last Monday I had a great writing session, I refused to leave the house to enjoy a sunny day playing some hockey until … [Read more...]

How I Create My Playlists

Explaining on the front porch how I find my music

Sitting on the front porch in warm sixty degree weather, cold beer in hand, surrounded by friends I fired up the new playlist I was working on. The music felt right, yes, yes indeed, I could feel it in my bones. There’s nothing better than good music and good friends. After a few songs I was asked how I find the music I use for my playlists. It’s a good question and it got me … [Read more...]

Warm Weather

She parked opposite of the convenience store near the vacuum machines. Her car was spotless and she seemed the type of girl who didn’t vacuum her car herself. To go inside she had to walk past all the pumps. The way she walked you could tell this was what she had wanted in the first place. Everyone was staring and when you looked up from putting the gas handle back up you … [Read more...]