Tomorrow is a Long Time

Tomorrow Is A Long Time

Bob Dylan – Tomorrow Is a Long Time I can’t get the song out of my head. It’s beautiful, haunting and evokes the true emotions of longing. So why not share it? You may remember it from my Shadows In The Night playlist … [Read more...]

Life With Virginia

You proudly showed her off like a child with the shiniest toy on the block…

Johannes Brahms – Symphony No.3 In F, Op.90: 3. Poco allegretto Everywhere she went Virginia turned heads. Men couldn’t help themselves from not staring and women couldn’t help hating her. She was the type of woman people looked at and assumed was a bitch; anyone that beautiful had to be stuck up. All you had to do though was ask her friends and they would tell you about a … [Read more...]

The St. Louis Tinder Blues (The Window)

The most common St. Louis question: Where did you go to high school? Who gives a fuck? But that was the culture here...

She unmatched you already, that was quick. In an hour you were supposed to be meeting for drinks but I guess that’s not happening anymore. The fucking window. Twenty four hours or less but it seemed the opening had gotten smaller. … [Read more...]

Rachel (Till The Morning Comes)

Her kiss is wet and tastes of Smirnoff Watermelon Vodka...

Blood Orange – You're Not Good Enough Running your hands down her bare back you watch as her hips gyrate with the force of a cyclone. Her eyes are closed and she’s biting her lips while dragging her nails down your chest. You smack her ass as she lets out a yelp and then a moan lifting her hips up before slamming them back down on top of you. You reach up towards her face … [Read more...]

What Music Do You Study, Write or Work To?

The rhythm of keys being punched in they said was like the rhythm of the song in their heart and in their story.

Whether you’re studying, writing, or working do you listen to music while you do it? There is no correct answer. There are multiple studies out there showing music as a hindrance or a helpful aid when working. I think it all depends on you and what you find helpful to get in the correct mindset. … [Read more...]