My Rocking January

Oh she acted mad but you knew she liked it...

I’m a homebody, once I come home for the day I’d rather not leave again. How do I motivate myself to get out of the house when I need to do something whether it’s running errands or driving out to my parent’s house for a family dinner? Music, it’s always the answer. My car doesn’t have an auxiliary cord, Bluetooth, or any of that fancy stuff. In my car is just a good ol’ … [Read more...]

The Lonely Loco Gringo

Taking depression pills in the Hollywood Hills, acting like I'm playing the part

The alarm goes off as your eyes flicker open to the miniature bong on the carpeted floor. Fast food wrappers, crushed energy drink cans, and candy wrappers litter the floor. You’re slow to rise off your makeshift mattress/futon that lies on the floor. The piece of shit you thought. It was made out of wood and sat about two inches off the floor with a thin mattress covering it. … [Read more...]

Become Who You Are

Image Stolen From

  You live in a society that George Orwell used to write about as a fictional tale. You have been filled with propaganda that you don’t know up from down. Corporations own the news you watch, pick the presidents you vote for (The Citizens United Act, Talk about some doublespeak right there. )They control such minute details you don’t even notice. … [Read more...]

Sweet Virginia

St. Louis it never changed...

Just come out, Dallas grumbled cracking open a beer. You close your eyes exhaling through your nose listening to that sweet sound of the Rolling Stones in exile. You were home from your exile but still trying to piece yourself together. Going out was the last thing on your mind. You had just stopped by to smoke before going home to eat dinner and write the rest of the night … [Read more...]


The Wastebasket

Down to her bra and panties she sits on top, straddling you. Taking time to check her out you notice she’s not wearing a thong. Still, they’re black and lacey, probably the sexiest pair she has. You appreciate the effort and go in to kiss her but her face turns somber for a moment as she says she needs to tell you something. … [Read more...]